Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Josh asked me today if we could watch a movie tonight. I asked him what kind of movie he wanted to watch. Expecting vampires, violence, or blood and guts, I was surprised when he asked to watch something sad.

"Mom. What's a sad movie?"
"Well, I always thought Bridge to Terabithia was sad. The little girl dies in the movie."
"I've seen plenty of people die in real life. That movie is not sad."
"Buddy, I doubt we will be able to find a movie as sad as what you've seen in real life."
"Yeah. Probably right."



Jeanie said...

...how do you recover from that? I'm still speechless and I've read your post three times now!

Anne Basso said...

I was talking to a friend from Ethiopia this weekend about his life there, and his escape with his family when he was 18. They spent weeks walking through the jungle. His father had been jailed many times, because his brothers had joined the resistance party. He hasn't seen his brothers in years.

The subject came up because of all that is going on in Iran. We talked about political options, and how Americans do want to help, but how it's so easy for us to ignore what we can't see.

I thanked him, when we were done talking. I've grown up sheltered, here in the United States. And it's stories like his that make it real for me. And I write letters to my politicians. I vote.

No. No movie will will equal what he's seen. But those experiences can make him a force for good in the world. And I just know that you will continue to be blessed by each other, and the family you have created.

Larsons said...

My sister keeper is a sad story.Linda Wade said it was good . or The boy in stripped pj.

Kristine said...

((hugs to him)))

Julia & Brad said...