Monday, May 04, 2009

Soccer... Justine Style

So... Justine may not be the best soccer player on her team...
But she's really good at the water break.

She runs really fast... sometimes....

She waves at us from across the field... the whole game.

She wanted on the team with the "tall" girl because she "makes all the goals."
Everytime their team made a goal, she would run up and down the field, moving her arms up and down screaming "YESSSSS."
We were proud that she had team spirit, even though perhaps she took a little too much credit for the goals, considering she never even touched the ball, she was so excited!
Perhaps cheerleading instead of soccer next year?
Nah... it's too fun watching her prance around, following the ball, but never actually touching it.
In all seriousness, we are really proud of her.
She did a great job and was probably the most entertaining child on the field!

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