Wednesday, May 20, 2009

School's Out for Summer....Or is it?

School's out for Summer!
With Jordan going to college next year and all of us here at Ellerbeeville needing a little more flexibility and $chchange$, our kids (yes all 5 of them) are going to be totally homeschooled next year!

We are so excited about our new adventure! So excited that we are getting started right away! School starts June 1st!

We are going to be doing school for 6 weeks on and then 2 weeks off..... all year round! We have made our breaks correspond with Jordan's breaks, and we are going to be free to go to Chicago more often than if the kids were tied down to a regular school schedule. The Field Museum, Shedd Aquarium, Chicago Art Institute and everything in between will be our supplementary schools next year!

The kids are excited, and I'm mentally preparing myself!

This is Jaiden on the last day of school. There are few pictures of her to share because this is what she looked like in EVERY picture.

Justine loved her Kindergarten teacher SO much. She was very sentimental all day, but seems very happy to be home with mom every day!

Jack received a gold medal for having a cumulative GPA of over 95% in all of his classes. This year has been quite busy for us, and I am SO proud of him for doing so well. He tried so hard, and is such a smart boy. He amazes me!
Jaiden received a bronze medal for having a cumulative gpa of 90 to 93% overall. We are very proud of her as well. Evidently she was expecting a gold or silver because when they announced the bronze, she shouted out, "What?" Pretty funny girl. She is so smart and SWEET!
Kindergarten Graduation!

Jack and his best friends.
Years ago, he used to say he was in a "maternity" and those were his "maternity brothers." We had an awesome sleepover with these boys after school and are so happy that we are going to be keeping in touch with them!



Nikko and Matt said...

That sounds ideal. I used to go to year round school. I loved it as breaks are usually too long anyway and I was bored over summer and winter. I was so excited as we live near the only public year round school (which I went to as a kid). Unfortunately, that school has changed the format and is no longer year round. :-(

misschris said...

How exciting. You are one ambitious mama, but I'm sure you'll make it great. Plus, it does sound like a great schedule. You guys are going to love it.