Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Donate Life

I am often at the bedside of my patients as others pray for them. I often bow my head and pray right along with them.
The other night, a prayer that struck a chord with me was this one, "Please let something good come of this." I kept repeating that one all weekend.
When we called the transplant organization that screens potential donors and found out that she had given consent already, it certainly seemed as if something good might come of this.
Because of her selfless act, no less than 10 people will be saved from her donation.
Please consider registering online to become an organ donor.
I registered. It's easy. Took me all of 3 minutes, and it could mean a lifetime to someone else.
You won't need your organs in heaven, but somebody here certainly could use them.
Click here Donate Life America to become a registered donor.


misschris said...

Your latest posts... *sigh*

Heavy stuff, Gina. Good stuff, but, oh so heavy. *hugs* for you. Just cuz.

Nichole said...

I registered :)