Thursday, February 21, 2008

Now what do we do with them?

Day 1 with the kids post official Embassy Appointment!
After we left the Hilton, we went back to the guesthouse to get to know each other. We showed them their clothes and games and just spent time with them! It was an awesome day!

One of the things I really did right was to pick up this I Spy Pictures only Go Fish card game. We spent hours on the floor of the guesthouse living room playing I Spy. It was not only great to bond with the kids and play with them, but it also helped with their English.

There were a lot of words they knew, but they learned seashell, pine cone, and helicopter. It really helped us because we learned HOW they say certain things; we learned their accent and it helped us figure our what they were saying later on. Definitely one of the things we really did right! GO FISH!

Travel size Perfection. We never did beat the timer. Dang. That game was hard!

Jordan thinks she can beat it... Good luck!
Merkeb really enjoyed her crayons and color book.

Then she sang for us....

And sang for us!

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