Thursday, September 09, 2010

That one day we all got tattoos...

Before our famous vacation in Florida (perhaps I mean infamous?), we searched and brainstormed for a unique tattoo in Amharic that would mean something to all of us.
We went round and round before deciding on this one...

ፍቅር አሸነፈ

Love Wins

In Amharic, it is pronounced Fikre Ashanafa. Or Fingers Astronauta if you are Amharic impaired.

I used to wonder, seriously wonder, whether love does win. Does love conquer all? I've come to the conclusion that without love, the rest of it doesn't matter anyway. Love does win.

All 4 of us got the same tattoo. Immature? Probably. Trashy? Most likely. A sign of our undying love for one another and a tribute to how we all met... Definitely!

Enjoy the photo essay of our trip to Alan's Cool Ink Tattoo Shop in Destin. Sandy the lesbian did a great job on our tattoos. She was a little cold at first, but once we told her what the tattoo meant and how we all met, she warmed up nicely. And don't let anyone tell you it doesn't hurt, it really does.

But now, when I look down at my arm, I'm reminded that Love conquers. Love Wins. This journey we're on matters, and we are all tied together through our love for one another.

And I'm reminded that fingers astronauta.



Julie said...

Love it! And I love where you did it. We have friends who did the Amharic letters for "Hope" in the same spot.

Rebecca said...

Trashy? OMG....did you just say trashy? hahahahah!! Welcome to this side of the tracks sista!
Sure did turn out well...and I love the meaning behind it.
Hey, I just had a thought....what say that we have a "tattoo day" at the next reunion...we could get a letter of the Amharic alphabet each year. lol