Friday, September 17, 2010


I've been searching every week or so for a white dresser for Jaiden. She inherited her room with hodge podge furniture and her dresser is a plastic stackable bin. Poor thing.

I laughed so hard when I clicked on this one. I just had to share. Check it out. Maybe make them an offer they can't refuse.

.......5 DOLLARS....... KIDS Dresser.......

I especially love how only one drawer is missing...


Julia said...

Lovely! You should run right out and get that one! CL has a lot of laughs and I really need some laughs right now! ;-)

G i n a said...

Hahahaha! Awesome.

SisterMom said...

Ohhhh, very nice! Were you able to get it or did some other lucky soul snatch it up?

Anonymous said...

IS VERY GOOD..............................

Mama D.'s Dozen said...

Oh my! It was so fun to get your comment on my blog today. You've been missed in the blogging world.

How are you?!?!

Here's the scoop with the Tax Credit:

Many of us extra large families with stay-at-home moms have never been able to use our tax credits because we never owe much in taxes due to our large families and small incomes. So, our tax credits have just sat on our IRS accounts as a credit, for if/when we ever need them.

Last October, they changed the law and said that the tax credit would now be refundable, whether or not we owe taxes. So, we all quickly filed our taxes and waited ... and waited ... and waited.

Basically, the IRS decided to audit almost every single adoptive family with a credit on their accounts. They want receipts for each and every expense (from third world countries???). And, they have gone so far as to now fine some families who don't have every receipt (some being fined over $10,000), because they are "trying to defraud the gov't by filing for a credit without receipts". Ugh!

It is a horrible mess for many, many families.

I, however, am a total receipt keeper and was able to come up with 75 of 91 expenses. Basically, the taxi drivers and street vendors didn't give receipts, but I have most everything else.

The IRS however hasd drug the process our for MONTHS for each and every family ... sending a letter every month asking for 1 more thing.

You can imagine how frustrating it has been.

Anyway ... there's the explanation.

Hope you all are doing well. Would love to hear from you more often on my blog.


Laurel :)