Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Text Message Tuesday

A holiday installment of TMT... Enjoy!

Message: "Jeff just asked why Justine is always the focus of my worthless Wednesdays... I hope he meant Wordless Wednesdays."


*not exactly the message you want from your child when they are 10 hours away in college...

Message: "What blood type am I? Oh and I'll be calling you in a bit."

Reply: "O neg. And that question scares me a little."


Message: "A guy at the orthodontist office just asked me if my kids acted like that all the time... and then said that he was glad he never had any kids..."

Reply: "Harsh."


Message: "I just found a note Jaiden wrote to Jameson during class that said I wonder if we could move and leave Jack and change our names.... I was wondering the same thing."

Reply: "Is he bad?"

Message: "What do you think?"


Message: "Yes. We are still at the orthodontist. Jack's in trouble. Jameson's zipper is undone AGAIN and Justine keeps singing really loudly with her headphones on..."

Reply: "Don't you wish you had an invisibility cloak?"

Message: "Definitely."

Reply: "Just so you could still watch them but people wouldn't know they were yours."

Message: "I like where you're going with this."


Message: "I am pathetic. It's after 5pm and I'm still unshowered. In my pajamas with toothpaste stain on my boob."

Reply: "A woman after my own heart."


Message: "I just asked Jack to go outside and kick the dog... he's barking non-stop and it's driving me crazy."

Reply: "There goes his PETA nomination..."


Message: "I just heard a song that reminded me of me. This used to be a fun house. Now it's full of evil clowns. I'm gonna burn it down. Down. Down."

Reply: "Should I call the authorities for you?"


Message: "I'm too busy in life to be worried about quotin' movies..."


Message: "Did the kids finish cleaning the horse?"

Reply: "Yep, they watered him and put away the saddle."

Message: "WHAT?"

Reply: "You asked if the kids finished cleaning the horse...."


Message: "Did you find your hermaphrodite inverebrates? U have lost 2 crabs and 2 invertebrates and my little eli is still alive and well and spinning in his little wheel..."

Reply: "Rub it in. I found the worms. The crabs have long since gone to heaven. Having a backbone makes you much less vulnerable around here. I think I will add that to my Thanksgiving prayer. Thankfulness for my backbone."




Melissa said...

These are some of your best yet!! Really love Jordans!

The Wilkinson's said...

I'm too busy livin' life to be flyin' across the country to RUN a 5k!