Monday, October 26, 2009

Text Message Tuesday

Welcome back to TMT!!!!

Message: "My mom was just going on and on about a documentary she watched about Dubai and how wonderful it was there and how she wanted to live there. So I said, yes and I bet they have pots of gold at the end of all their rainbows. Then Jameson goes, ohohohohoh, is that little guy there too?"

Reply: "Too funny."


Message: "Ben just came to me and told me he was hot. He has on one of those jogging suit things with the jacket that zips up the front. I told him to take it off. He said he couldn't because he didn't have a shirt on underneath."

Reply: "Haha. Those 2 are gonna be quite a pair aren't they? Wandering around looking for leprechauns, sweating in their jogging suits with no shirts on underneath..."


Message: "I just saw a midget pirate juggling fire... weird."

Reply: "I like pirates"

Message: "One of them has blond dreds all the way to his feet. I wonder if Grace likes pirates."

Reply: "Well, we know how she feels about blond dreds..."

Message: "hahahahaha."


Message: "Dinner with 5 kids and my mom... my mom just ordered mashed potatoes for dinner and told the waiter it was Jo's birthday so she could get free cake."

Reply: "That sounds AMAZING."

Message: "Have you seen the movie Aliens vs. Monsters?"

Reply: "um... yeah."

Message: "So the place we ate at had blue jello and no one liked it except Justine, so everyone gave theirs to her."

Reply: "Ok..."

Message: "And she made a huge bowl of it. And then she was standing up to show me. And dropped it on the waiters foot. There was blue jello everywhere. She was screaming... "BOB!" All this time, my mom was singing happy birthday to Jo..."

Reply: "Is it Jo's birthday?

Message: "Nope. But she got cake."


Message: "Justine insisted on taking "Bob" in the car. She fell asleep. Now Bob is all over the seat."

Reply: "Poor Bob."

Message: "Poor Me."


Message: "So we just got security called on us in the hotel for being too loud..."
Reply: "Only you..."

Message: "I know."


Message: "All the kids went to a kids thing at UChicago and had to stand up and say their name and what their favorite movie was. Justine said, I'm Justine and I love Twilight."

Reply: "Nice. Has she even seen it?"

Message: "Nope."

Reply: "That's what makes it even funnier..."

Message: "The kids keep doing a great imitation of her doing it too... it's hysterical. Hands on her hips, all saucy..."



Nichole said...

I just want you to know this came up on my updates list, and I immediately freaked out and thought it was Tuesday.

Larsons said...

Glad security did not slam you with a $200.00 fine. That is what they fine smokers in a non smoker big hotels! very interesting mom