Friday, October 09, 2009

My life map

In what will forever be referred to as "the colossal clean," I also found this life map in the top of a closet.

I suppose this was probably made during a time when I was a huge Oprah follower... It seems like something she would endorse.

I made this life map at a time when I wasn't sure which direction my life was going in. What did I want? What was important to me? What did I need to do to get there?

I had everything on this life map that I thought I wanted for my future.
The only thing I didn't have was a date. According to my own carbon dating process, I would say it was made approximately 15 years ago...

It all centered around family and work.

When I showed it to the kids, it was funny to see how many things were the same and how many things were different than I had expected.

Josh was looking and looking and reading my life map ... and I admitted, "Josh, you weren't on that road map anywhere... but I'm so glad I took a detour."

I don't think 12 years ago, I ever expected to have 6 children. I certainly didn't imagine I would have 5 kids ages 6-12 and one in college.
Most of the things on that life map, I have attained.
Several things I'm still working on.
And many, many more things are on my map that I never even imagined I would have. I guess it was more of a life compass... because we never can map out where our lives are truly going; we just need to know what direction we're headed in.

If I were to make a life map now, what would it say? What would I think important enough to place on my map?

having a happy family
being a success at work
great marriage
being debt free

OK those are for amateur life map makers...

How about...

Making a real difference in the world
Doing something spectacular
Changing the world
Being a mentor
Being an advocate
Encouraging someone else to change the world
Educating children who will change the world
I won't be making a new life map because I'm too busy making my life come true.
But if I were, it would be a beautiful masterpiece.

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