Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Text Message Tuesday

Share your texts...
Laugh at mine...
Make my day.

Message: "Every time Jameson has to take a test, she says, 'I hate testes'. It makes me giggle inappropriately."

Reply: "Haha. I met a guy once whose name was Tim Testen. You just made me think of that."

Message: "Who would name their kid Testen? That's like naming your daughter Ovary."

Reply: "Well it was his last name. I don't think he really had a choice about that part. But the Tim part... there were a lot of intestine jokes..."

Message: "That's kinda weird."


Message: "It's cold here. Jameson just told me she had "ear mugs" on. Maybe that's why she can't hear a thing I say."


Message: "Larry and I want to make shirts with a mythical creature called a yeticorn which is half yeti and half unicorn impaling an innocent creature... like a manatee. What do you think? Money maker?"

Reply: "That would definitely be a hit."


Message: "I hate 4th grade. Jaiden had a science test and actually wrote on her test, "I will never do extra credit." She definitely should have done the extra credit...."

Reply: "I don't know but I really hope this phase passes with 4th grade. It's like he's become a retard overnight."

Message: " I know. I hate the 4th grade."


Message: "I'm freezing my nipples off at a soccer game with rain drizzling on me."

Reply: "Grace just texted me almost the exact same thing."


Message: "I can't text very well with my mittens on."

Message: "I'm a popsicle."

Reply: "Don't let anyone lick you. That'd be gross."

Message: "Maybe I will. Maybe I won't."

Reply: "They're just children. Behave yourself."

Message: "Ok right. Licking in front of the children... Inappropriate. Check."

Reply: "I'm just trying to keep you from a jail sentence gina. not keep you from having fun. It's because I love you."

Message: "These gloves are really interfering with my texting abilities. I feel like a muppet."

Reply: "I like the word muppet."


Message: "Would you be a fang banger?"

Reply: "Probably. Or at least a V addict. You?"

Message: "Yeah I think so too."


Message: "I need you to come home and clean the litter box immediately. It's disgusting."

No reply... once again because she's in Chicago and rarely has time to respond...

Message: "Girls and I are sipping Chai, eating rice krispie treats, people watching at the mudhouse and I'm reading a smutty sookie stackhouse novel. Ahhhh."

Reply: "writing a 4 page paper about smith's economic theory, then I have to try and nap before my 2-4 am radio show, and read 30 pages of Marx somewhere in there."

Reply: "Also it's freezing here. I need to get boots and gloves."

Reply: "but I'm not complaining seriously. it's all fantastic."




Sandee said...

I love your texting posts. They crack me up. Almost makes me want to give my kids cellphones.


Chris said...

Can't wait to read your texts of the last week:)
Should be very interesting LOL