Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Extreme Home Makeover - Ellerbee style

Extreme Home Makeover was in our area this week building a house for the Hampton Family. We love this show and watch it just about every week. When we heard that we had the opportunity to go to the "reveal," we jumped on it.
Because of a huge rain storm that morning, the field across from the house was completely soaked and mud filled. They even pushed back the time for the reveal from 2pm to 5pm. There were cars getting stuck in the parking area.
Luckily, the parking was full and we were forced to park about a mile away. I'm so grateful I didn't attempt to take my new car into that mess. That would not have ended well for us.
As we were walking to the site, our good friend Julie drove by. She was one of the sponsors for the family, and drove us the rest of the way in. By mentioning her business, we were able to go to the VIP section. Holla.
Josh and Jackson waited patiently...

Justine waited... anxiously...
Jack waited impatiently.

He filled his time by successfully fulfilling his life mission of making everyone miserable. He had a great time in this long period of waiting teasing and tormenting the girls. I'm sorry to anyone who heard me threaten to throttle him multiple times. Clearly, I would never do such a thing, but a boy's got to be fairly warned.

"Move that bus. Move that bus. Move that bus."
We had a great time chanting...

Jameson, however, did not enjoy the screaming...
Because she's such a quiet natured child... yeah right...

Justine was entertaining to say the least.
She only fell off the chair she was standing on... once.

My "sensitive" stomach started to act up while we were waiting. I was so relieved when I turned around and saw the Johnny on the spots right behind us. I was so relieved, right up until the point that I realized there was no toilet paper. It was too late. I freaked out. Panic set in. I will spare you the gory details, but let's just say I left an essential piece of clothing in that porta potty.

When I came out of the toilet, I found the kids had given away the chair I was standing on. Thank you very much!

This would be the legs of the woman who stole my chair while I was cooped up in the porta potty.

And this is her, and her friends, the 8 foot tall blond woman, as well as the man who was I'm sure taking great pictures with his cell phone, when they pushed their way in front of us... completely blocking our view.

Yes, Justine. It's almost time. How many times can I repeat that without actually knowing whether it's the truth or not?

The Hampton's new home.

The long road home.
I tortured my children by making them walk back to the car ... uphill... both ways with 6 whining, muddy, tired children. Wait. That sounds more like torturing me.

Doesn't it?



Kristine said...

OMGosh! too funny!
We had an extreme makeover in STL not long ago and the company I used to work for did the construction. Fun!!

MommyBrec said...

I LOOOOOVE reading your blog! SO entertaining! :D I LOVE the pictures you post...SO CUTE! It probably seems so strange, but I have been following your blog for some time now, and I really like your family, even though we have never met! Thank you for sharing your life through your blog for complete strangers to read and love! It is amazing how we have never met, yet I tell friends and family about your family and relate touching and funny stories about your family as if we were friends. Don't worry...I am not some creepy stalker! I just admire your family and LOVE your blog!