Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Babysitting 101

While we were in Texas at the Hope Adoption Reunion, Jordan and Drew offered to babysit for us while we hung out in a different Hopesters room for the evening.

At one point, I received a text message from Jordan stating, "Justine just threw up. I took care of it."

Considering we had seen Jaiden vomit all day off and on during and after our day at 6 Flags, this somehow didn't come as a huge surprise.

When we came back to our room, we asked what happened.

"Well," they responded, "We can show you."

I received a play by play report with pictures of the puking episode. I'm warning you, if you have a sensitive stomach, pass by the pics quickly.

These are the moments we found forever documented on my camera.

When I looked at this one, I said, "Oh, look at my poor baby."
Drew replied, "Yeah, you should have seen Jordan sitting on the side of the tub taking pictures of her. She was just click, click, clicking away."


What I really love is the facial expressions Jordan shares with us here:

And here:

And here:

Doesn't it kinda look like Jameson's about to blow chunks herself?

When I started going through the order of the pictures, I found the reason it was so easy to take pictures of the vomiting episode. Jordan and Drew were busy taking pictures of their own funny faces while they were babysitting.
Nice. Very Nice.

Need a babysitter? She's available.


Kresha said...

uhhhhhhh...never mind, it was still funny though, gotta love kids

Lisadiana said...

If they can have this much fun with vomit, I'll use their services anyday!

Larsons said...

That's life! says Blue eyes. That was the week that was! said big sister. Looks like they did a good job. mom

The Wilkinson's said...

Just thinking about the nice time we were having while this was going on. Can't wait for Jordan to "babysit" Coop when we come to play, please ask her to teach him some of her facial kung fu!