Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Learning too much...?

As you can imagine, teaching a nearly independent child how to do things in this country, can be... well at the least entertaining, and at the most... well kind of bizarre. The kids have been fascinated with the stove and continually ask why it's hot when there's no fire. Josh even tried to put his hand on it a few times because he kept with his incessant "NO..." when I told him it was hot. (For those of you unfamiliar with his "NO..." it's the kind of "no" that is teaming with undertones that actually mean, "I know more than you do. You are an idiot and I am not listening to you...") If you've never experienced it... you should. It's highly frustrating and infuriating.

This week, Josh learned that it's not a good idea to put food on a KLEENEX and put it in the microwave for 3 minutes. It involves flames, smoke and really nasty food.

And I learned a few things about my son that I didn't know before. While reading about lizards in the rain forest, Josh wrote, "I would like to eat that lizard." OKAY, we have a lizard as a pet. Well, it's actually Jack's lizard, and I'm afraid to touch it, but I don't wish it any harm. Now I'm wondering if he's been waiting for the perfect time to (*gulp*) have Jack's lizard as his "dizzzert."

Do you think that for Christmas I will find Josh's version of the Christmas Story?
Jack's lizard wrapped in swaddling Kleenex and lying in my microwave?

Oh Dear!


Chris said...

HAHA !!! Poor lizard. Buy him an iguana they are pretty mean and might be though to eat.

Laurel said...

While the stories can be funny ... I can so relate to trying to teach "basic preschool concepts" to "nearly teenage children".

Our children can tell you what time it is on the clock ... but they have no concept of "time". How long is 10 minutes or 10 hours? What time will it be in 1 hour?

Our children can do math if it looks like 2 + 2 = 4 ... but they do not understand the concepts behind the problems. What if you have 2 footballs and add 2 baseballs, what does that equal?

Our children have not yet touched the microwave. Yikes! And, while they do load the dishwasher, we do not yet have them pushing the buttons to start it. While they love to watch movies, we don't yet have them putting in the dvds.

Training takes TIME, and our kids lost all of their preschool training time. SLOWLY ... they are learning the things that our other children learned at much younger ages.

Keep up the good work (but keep your eye on the lizard)! Josh is learning.

Laurel :)

Denise said...

Oh I know your pain. Apparantly Bis has been informing all of his bus pals that he plans to eat all of the animals that they see on the bus ride... ICK!!! I think he likes the rise he gets from everyone. :)

Rebecca said...

OOOOOO!!! Ick!! Lizard? Can't you tell him that if he eats it he will grow a tail or something? Jack better sleep with one eye open. And, I did not know that about a Kleenex!! Who knew!!! Last year I turned the wrong burner on....I have those burner covers so that I don't have to clean under the elements....and the ding-dang thing (cover) caught on fire!! You don't want to grab it with a towel as that too will catch on fire. You also don't want to throw the cover on the counter, no matter how bad your hand is burning and the towel is smoking. If you do, it will leave a blister on your countertop. Sigh.

jen said...

Oh, what a great laugh I just had at your expense! I'm really sorry, but I'm are doing such a great job blogging about this experience!

Thank you for sharing your adventures!

Larsons said...

Maybe he will be a Dr. of Chemistry! I can see Josh has survival skills. Mom

Larsons said...

Sounds like a Marine! mom

Anonymous said...

What a disturbing parting picture you left us all with!!!