Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Happy Holidays...

Remember those peppermint cookies I just had to make to fulfill my new children's Christmas in America list?
Can you guess what color they were?
Can you guess what color of chunky vomit I just had to clean up?
Can you guess how far of a splatter zone Jack made in the bathroom?
Can you guess how many towels I had to use to clean up?
Can you guess who had to stand outside in the sleet shaking out the towels throwing the festive vomit all over the front yard?

Happy Holidays and may you enjoy your peppermint cookies more than Jack did. I've got some left over if you're interested...


Sandee said...

Oh my, now THAT is going to be one of those cherished Christmas memories he will be teased about for years! Merry Christmas to all of you!

Baker's Man said...

Gack, Gina! I'm so sorry!!! I'm afraid I'll never thnk of peppermint cookies the same again. It gives new meaning to, "He lost his cookies." Big hugs!

Rebecca said...

ooooo...icky!! Poor Jack! The things we will end up remembering, huh!?!?
P.S. I'm giggling about my girl finding the guitar hero and announcing it in a quiet voice!