Sunday, December 07, 2008

Bah Humbug...

Why is it that this time of year always makes some people depressed and overwhelmed? Is it because we have commercialized Christmas so much and it's lost a lot of its true meaning? Is it because most of us are stretched financially by this point in the year, and the thought of spending anymore money makes us want to vomit? Is it because there is no more room for Christmas decorations much less any more toys? Is it because people are so freaked out about getting things on sale that they actually killed someone at WalMart just to get through the door first?
I find it all quite disgusting.

I know I struggle during this time of year. I don't know at what point in my life that I began to dread Christmas, but there's definitely a feeling of "UGH" as I prepare for Christmas. And this year it's no different. Oh I'm going through the motions. The trees are up. The multiple nativities are set up and ready for Jesus to be adored. The stockings are hung by the chimney with care.
Even though I haven't found my Christmas spirit yet, I haven't given up completely.

Evidently, my son shares my affinity for avoiding Christmas as well, but he seems to have taken it a bit farther. In addition to refusing to try Thanksgiving dinner, Josh also refused to help decorate the Christmas trees or partake in any of the preliminary Christmas foreplay I use to get in the Christmas spirit. OK, that sounds a bit... um strange... but we have certain traditions that we do to help us get ready for Christmas. He wouldn't watch our Christmas movies. He wouldn't help decorate. He wouldn't help put out the little village. He sat on the couch and stared.

When asked what he wanted for Christmas, he picked out a 52 inch plasma screen TV for his bedroom.... right! When asked WHAT ELSE he might like for Christmas, he replied "nothing."

This week, he told all the girls that there was NO Santa Claus. Nice huh?

He did help put Christmas lights on my parents house this week and was very, very proud of his work. And I did sing Silent Night at church this morning and kinda teared up a little. Maybe both of us will find our Christmas spirit soon... we're running out of time.


SisterMom said...

I am right there with you! We can't even have a Christmas tree this year. We were at a restaurant that had a Christmas tree last night and Addis broke 3 ornaments in the time it took me to run the 25 feet to get to her. She really is the master of disaster.
Anyway, I am totally broke this year and def not in the spirit. I should be, it is the kids first Christmas and all, but we still have one who isn't with us yet so maybe next year we will finally have all my kids together and make it THE Christmas to remember...

SisterMom said...

it doesn't help that when asked what he wants, Jackson says, a cell phone, a computer, video games, and dvds. Come on, I don't want to sound like a beeyotch but 3 years ago at Christmas, he would have been happy to EAT!

Sandee said...

oh, I know what you mean... We are doing a "make it" gift giving this year, with one Santa gift. I eliminate tv and any magazine, catalog or newspaper ads from my kids diet. They don't have much of a clue what rest of the world is doing right now...yet it still seeps in.

I plan to do the toy prepartion for Olivia to come home. Just not sure how to convince my little minions it is a good thing.

Less is often I forget and let the little generals run the show.

Rebecca said...

I must say that you had me going there with the "foreplay"...I'm thinking "foreplay and Christmas.....Gina Ellerbee is one NASTY broad!!!" HeeHee. Don't worry girl, your Christmas spirit will come. When it does, will you please get an envelope, put it in the mail and send me a bit?