Monday, April 06, 2009


Well our inadequacy as pet owners continues to shine. We have killed off yet another bearded dragon. (I kept telling the boys of this family that they needed to take better care of it... because I wasn't about to touch it... but that's another rant...)

So we discovered that the dearly loved, but nearly neglected bearded dragon, coincidentally called Beardie, died yesterday. We discovered it yesterday... but he could have been dead for I said, he hasn't been getting a lot of attention lately.

Last time, we dug a little grave in my flower bed and had a little ceremony. We sang a few songs and said a few words.

When Beardie 1 died (yes, we named Beardie 2 the same a very non-creative moment) everyone cried and sobbed over him. Jack listened to Pink Floyd's "Wish you were here" on repeat until I thought I was going to scream. Justine kept crying and crying, saying over and over, "It's all my fault." I'm not sure what she thinks she did.

With this latest death, we opted for the economy funeral because quite frankly, we are too busy, it is too cold, the ground is too hard to dig any graves, and he was beginning to stink. So Jeff gently placed him in a container in the trash. After my disgusting post with pictures of rotting food, I will spare you the picture of Beardie's last moments.

We tried to keep things a little more low key. Of course Justine kept going on and on and on about how Beardie was up in heaven with the Father above. If she said it once, she said it a million times. She even wrote a song about it.

When Jeff asked her to tell Jack where Beardie was, clearly his attempt at making him feel better... she replied, "Oh, he's in the trash can."


Chris said...

Justine is the funniest little girl ;)
Sorry about beardie, We have a one for four years now and keep going strong :(
Always love your stories . You sure dont have a boring house.

Rebecca Smith said...

Poor beardie! Are you going for Beardie 3?

MissMeliss said...

awwwwww!!!! perhaps you should try a different type of pet? or maybe a plant?!!! haha


MommyBrec said...

I know this is a sad moment for your children...but I am laughing my head off! I LOVE following your blog!!!!!!!!! I share ALL of your funny stories with my family and we get suck a kick out of your cute kids and the things they say and do. I LOVE this story! :D Thanks for making my day!!

misschris said...

I know it's sad, but like the others, I'm giggling over here. Justine cracks me up. Will you share her lyrics, too?? xo

Chris said...

Sorry for your loss! Beardie is in a better place and I am not implying that because you said he was neglected. Yes, I agree with Meliss, you may want to go for a pet or maybe a Chia-pet?

Chris said...

I meant to write plant not pet!! Sorry! :)