Wednesday, April 29, 2009

THE prom dress of all prom dresses...

Let me tell you something about Jordan ... when she wants something... she makes it happen. We looked for a specific prom dress all over this country. It was back ordered on the internet and wouldn't be shipped until AFTER prom. Not good. We drove all over Kansas City trying to get it.

Jordan started calling all of the Anthropologie stores in the country. Of all places, she found it in Chicago. They just happened to have one left... and it just happened to be in her size!

I love the description of the dress:

"Black-and-white stripes and a bit of silk trim take cover beneath a canopy of draped khaki canvas, which in turn shelters a pair of pockets."

If you knew Jordan, you would see how perfect it is for her to be wearing a canvas and silk dress with pockets to the prom. Now if I could just get her to wear black converse. That would be perfect.

While we were in Chicago, Jeff texted us and said, "I think the dress is here..."

We excitedly texted back asking what it looked like and if it was the right dress.

He replied, "It's not the dress, it's a coin purse and some knick knack crap."

I don't know if you have noticed or not, but we have a kind of weird sense of humor here at Ellerbeeville. It would be nothing out of the ordinary to play a practical joke to make our kids freak out about something so important. And we would take it out to the end.

So we text back, "Yeah, right. Whatever."

It's difficult to hear humor in a text message, but when Jeff replied that he was not joking, we started freaking out. What? A coin purse and knick knack crap?

That's not what we wanted.

Jordan texted her best friend and prom date Drew to tell him that her dress came, but it was a coin purse.

He replied, "Really? Is it that small?"

After we got home from Chicago, Jordan was able to get to the bottom of the mix up. Somewhere in the world, a Joanna got a beautiful dress instead of her coin purse and knick knack crap.

Anthropologie came through though and took care of it immediately!

This beautiful dress was overnighted, arrived yesterday and it fits perfectly!

Love it!



Kari said...

Oh, I can't wait to help find prom dresses for my 2 girlies!!!
Have fun at prom!!!

misschris said...

oh good grief... you do NOT mess with a girl and her prom dress, yo.

Stellar choice, Jordan. ;) Glad it all worked out.

Larsons said...

Awesome! What a precious moment. mom