Friday, April 02, 2010

Missing: My MoJo

I don't know if I've ever had Spring Fever this bad before. I've lost my mojo, my get-up-and-go, my desire to finish this school year out.

Every day is a struggle to finish out this school year. I think because I know I'm not homeschooling next year, in my mind, at least, I've kinda just given up.

I wanted to finish it out on a good note, but clearly that is not what's happening here.

I'm tired of redirecting. I'm tired of telling them to work. I'm tired of breaking up the fights. I'm just plain tired.

And what I'm focused on now is that stack of books I want to read. Preferably on a beach somewhere with no children allowed.

It's not pretty. But it is how I'm feeling today.



♥~Gina~♥ said...

I've said it before, and I'll say it a thousand times more. I have NO idea how you've done this for so long. I could never have done what you've done, and you should be given a medal. But some time on the beach will be the next best thing. Maybe you can do that while they're at camp at get your Mojo back. :)

Larsons said...

My dearest Gina few could walk your jounery. God want you to know something on good Friday he could relate to all your struggles, etc.... You have done a great job never forget it. Blessing Happy Easter!

Shonya said...

Right there with ya--is there a spot on your beach for me to sit beside you with my own stack of books? Oh, and I'd like a Pepsi and some chocolate too, please!