Friday, April 09, 2010

Dear Jordan,

I walked in your room this morning and realized I hadn't been in there since you left weeks ago. Your bed looks like you just crawled out of it that morning, completely expecting to crawl back in it that night. I had to force myself to shut the door and not get sucked into your shrine. It's been a long year for us. I wish I had known how much I was going to miss you. I would have made you get up and spend time with me last summer when all you wanted to do was sleep your time away until college. I'm counting the days until you'll be home again, and a time when I can feel annoyed that you left your bed looking that way again.




Larsons said...

I know the feeling! Remembering!

Nichole said...

You know, I read your posts about Jordan and it makes me feel a little bad. I went away to college and never looked back. I only came home the first summer, haven't lived there since. I had the occasional moment of missing home, but somehow never considered how hard it was on my parents (well, maybe except Julia -she didn't like me then HAHAHAHAHA!!!). I feel like I should hug my crazy, neurotic, annoying mother.

ellerbee eight said...

yes, nichole, you should.